SEA Pavilion 2017

In 2017, SEA invited Mumbai-based architect Samir Raut to design an experimental structure on its campus. Samir demonstrated an experimental house  using cardboard packaging angles with a garden in its centre. The overall structure contained a small exhibition of models and designs from his own practice.

The overall programme was supplemnted by a symposium ‘The Pleasure of Making’ that invited architectural practices to contemplate upon the importance of material thought and the idea of ‘detail’ in their works.


Making a House

pavilion by Samir Raut
opened on 8 April 2017

Expanding its annual architecture exhibition series, 'SEA Pavilions' is an initiative by the School of Environment & Architecture to invite an architect to build an experimental structure on its campus every year. As its first invitee, Samir Raut of Studio Eight Twentythree designed and built a pavilion on the school campus. A study of various small houses that have come to aid Samir's design thinking are exhibited inside the pavilion. The exhibition titled Making a House was inaugurated on 8th 2017 along with an opening lecture by Samir. The pavilion, erected around the ideas of making, craft, detail,material, forms of living and many other questions, shall be dismantled soon after this closing symposium "The Pleasure of Making" on 6th May 2017.

The Pleasure of Making 

6th May 2017

A for Architecture / Ajay Sonar
Anand Patel & Associates / Anand Patel
Architecture Brio / Robert Verrijt, Shefali Balwani
Case Design / Samuel Barkley, Anne Greene
Material Immaterial Studio / Nitin Barcha
Studioon / Teja Gavankar
Samira Rathod Design Associates / Samira Rathod
Studio Eight Twenty Three / Samir Raut

This symposium aims to generate a discussion around the idea of craft and architecture. We understand that making and detailing is an integral part of your design practice. We would like to throw light, through the work of seven selected practices, the reasons behind their close engagement with craft and material in architecture. How does making open up ways of thinking  architecture?  How  does  detailing  add  another dimension of perceiving architecture?

In thinking of the mode of producing knowledge, how does "making" - just as much as "contemplating" or "thinking" work? How do architectural practices work through iterations, and what potential does it hold? What is the investment in reproduction and iterative practice? What meaning does craft and detail hold in your practice? How does it relate to body and experience? What are the ways in which these ideas can be strategized into design pedagogy?