SEA CITY is the School of Environment and Architecture’s outreach programme. SEA City organizes events, lectures, symposia and exhibitions in order to engage with the larger artistic and cultural discursive sphere within and outside the city. SEA City events are completely open to all public, and are attended by a diverse group of people including students, architects, professionals, academics and locals.

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01-03 DECEMBER 2022 // 0930-1700 hrs

How do spatial imaginations shape and are shaped by practices of inhabitation? The stakes in unpacking the many relationships between spatial imaginations and spatial practices, for architectural research and the design field at large, are located in the challenge to articulate spatial arguments.

We pose spatial imaginations as an ideational field based in specific theoretical and methodological ways of observing, recording, analysing and representing spaces. Spatial practices, on the other hand, are not only practices of inhabiting space that generate particular configurations of form and lives but also locations from where to ask questions that generate engaged, longue duree architectural projects.

Imagination :: Space :: Practice poses its question by drawing together, on the one hand, the research inquiries of the 2022-23 cohort of SEA’s final year students who invite us to engage with the questions that they ask: What space of imagination do toys, fictions and non/visual senses produce? How do practices of regulation and home-making shape the imagination of housing? How do practices of fragmented publics produce public space? How do old and new urban practices produce hybrids / cohabitation? How do practices of class, gendered, religious difference produce space? How do political practices of the everyday transform space and inhabit so-called urban residues? How does type and its transformation shape behaviour and social experience? How does the (re)formation of streets shape corrosions, porosities and permeabilities? On the other hand, it positions these inquiries in a proliferating scholarship on space and society whose cultural, postcolonial and feminist standpoints of analysis have drawn attention to questions of not just whose imagination, practice and expertise produce space, but also with what processes, consequences and implications for diverse lives. 
KUSH PATEL Faculty Member and Head of Studies (MA in Technology and Change), Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, MAHE-Bengaluru
SOUMINI RAJA Co-founder and Director of Research, Studio Commune and Head of Department, Avani Institute of Design
VISHWANATH KASHIKAR Sr. Associate Professor, CEPT University

with the faculty of SEA.

Join us on
01-03 DECEMBER 2022 
0930-1700 hrs

Eksar Road, CKP Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai - 400 091

This event is free and open to the public. The event has been partly supported by Urban Centre Mumbai.

A SEA City Initiative.

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