SEA City Conversations

Winter 2019

78. SEA Undergraduate Thesis Symposium

Vishwanath Kashikar, Prasad Khanolkar & Sarover Zaidi

14th – 16th November 2019

79. SEA Lab: Initial Works

By Anand Sonecha

29th November 2019

80. The Architecture of Sinan and the World View

By Neesha Mevada

13th December 2019

81. "Hunting the key to the world's climate" Melting ice and the new / old “spirit of discovery”

By Nanna Heidenrich

10th January 2020

82. Evolving Preoccupations

by Mahesh Radhakrishanan

31st January 2020

Songs of Turbulence

International Symposium

83. Field Journeys: Experiences of a traveling architecture practice

By Faiza Khan & Suril Patel

28th February 2020

84. Urban Since Ages

By Suraj Pandit

13th March 2020

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