SEA City Conversations

Winter 2018

64. Becoming Urban: Towards an Agenda for Research from South Asia

By Vishwanath Kashikar, Prasad Khanolkar & Shreyank Khemalapure

30th November 2018

65. Parallel Works: Looking for the In between

By Geraldine Borino

14th December 2018

66. Lighting::Living

By Rohit Manudhane

18th January 2019

67. The Architecture of Ferrogami

By Arjun Doshi

8th February 2019

68. Design Sans Detail

By Veeram Shah

22nd February 2019

69. Making Art in One BHK

By Prajakta Potnis

8th March 2019

70. Paradigm of Projects

by Saurabh Malpani

22nd March 2019

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