SEA City Conversations

Winter 2018

64. Becoming Urban: Towards an Agenda for Research from South Asia

By Vishwanath Kashikar, Prasad Khanolkar & Shreyank Khemalapure
30th November 2018

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65. Parallel Works: Looking for the In between
By Geraldine Borino
14th December 2018

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66. Lighting::Living
By Rohit Manudhane
18th January 2019

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67. The Architecture of Ferrogami

By Arjun Doshi
8th February 2019

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68. Design Sans Detail
By Veeram Shah
22nd February 2019

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69. Making Art in One BHK
By Prajakta Potnis
8th March 2019

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70. Paradigm of Projects

by Saurabh Malpani
22nd March 2019

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