SEA City Conversations

Winter 2017

51. The Cities Within Me
By Praveen Bavadekar
22nd September 2017

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52. The Engineer’s Sketchbook
By BL Manjunatha
1st December 2017

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53. The Architecture of Horizons: An Ethnography of Bombay
By Sarover Zaidi
15th December 2017

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54. Project/ Process 01: The Transition from the Industrial to the Crafted
By SJK Architects
19th January 2018

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55. Earchaeology: Structure of Acoustic Spaces
By Umashankar Mantravadi, discussion with Nida Ghouse
2nd February 2018

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56. Emerging Practices: I’m an Alien…
By Ragunath Vasudevan
9th March 2018

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57. Emerging Practices: Simplicity
By unTAG Architects
16th March 2018

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