SEA City Conversations

Winter 2017

51. The Cities Within Me

By Praveen Bavadekar

22nd September 2017

52. The Engineer’s Sketchbook

By BL Manjunatha

1st December 2017

53. The Architecture of Horizons: An Ethnography of Bombay

By Sarover Zaidi

15th December 2017

54. Project/ Process 01: The Transition from the Industrial to the Crafted

By SJK Architects

19th January 2018

55. Earchaeology: Structure of Acoustic Spaces

By Umashankar Mantravadi, discussion with Nida Ghouse

2nd February 2018

56. Emerging Practices: I’m an Alien…

By Ragunath Vasudevan

9th March 2018

57. Emerging Practices: Simplicity

By unTAG Architects

16th March 2018

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