SEA City Conversations

Monsoon 2016

26. Defending Environment

Stalin D. of Vanashakti

30th September 2016

27. Young Architecture in Germany

Marc Frohn

4th October 2016

28. What are we really caring for?

Navjot Altaf

14th October 2016

29. Archaeological Histories of Urbanization

Dr. Arvind Jamkhedkar

21st October 2016

30. Bauhaus as Readymade

Bettina Allamoda

18th November 2016

31. Out of Shadows: Darkness in a New Light

Abhay Wadhwa

25th November 2016

32. Abin Chaudhuri: Works

Abin Chaudhuri

2nd December 2016

33. Queen Size

Sandbox Collective

9th December 2016

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