SEA City Conversations

Winter 2015

19. Pipe Politics, Contested Waters: embedded infrastructures of Millenial Mumbai

by Lisa Bjorkman

26th February, 2016

20. In the Public’s Interest

by Gautam Bhan

7th March, 2016

21. Transformative Urban Praxis: From Projects to Processes

by Shweta Wagh and Hussain Indorewala

18th March, 2016

22. In Transition: Works of Hirante Welandawe

by Hirante Welandawe

28th March, 2016

The City as Artists see it

by Sudhir Patwardhan

1st April, 2016

23. Amateur Experiments

by Kalpit Ashar & Mayuri Sisodia

15th April, 2016

Architecture Exhibition

24. Amateur Experiments: Drawing Narratives

by Kalpit Ashar & Mayuri Sisodia of Mad(e) in Mumbai

15th April, 2016

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