SEA City Conversations

Monsoon 2014

1. Cultural Regeneration as another Dose of Isotopia

by Wing Shing Tang

16th August, 2014

2. Connected Cities

workshop with Solomon Benjamin, Bhuvana Raman, Bhagwati Prasad, Prasad Shetty, Rupali Gupte

16th August, 2014

3. Housing Policies in Colonial Bombay

by French Historian Vanessa Caru

in conversation with  Kamu Iyer, Avadhut Sathe & Prasad Shetty

14th November, 2014

4. Pakka Ghar: Experiences from Murbad

by Design Jatra

led by Shardul Patil, Pratik Dhanmer and Anuradha Wakade

1st November, 2014

5. A building is a living being

by Put Your Hands Together

led by Wasim Noori, Areen and Azeer Attari, Shahveer Irani and Mukund Iyer

28th November, 2014