SEA City Conversations

Monsoon 2014

1. Cultural Regeneration as another Dose of Isotopia
by Wing Shing Tang
16th August, 2014

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2. Connected Cities
workshop with Solomon Benjamin, Bhuvana Raman, Bhagwati Prasad, Prasad Shetty, Rupali Gupte
16th August, 2014

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3. Housing Policies in Colonial Bombay
by French Historian Vanessa Caru
in conversation with  Kamu Iyer, Avadhut Sathe & Prasad Shetty
14th November, 2014

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4. Pakka Ghar: Experiences from Murbad
by Design Jatra
led by Shardul Patil, Pratik Dhanmer and Anuradha Wakade
1st November, 2014

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5. A building is a living being
by Put Your Hands Together
led by Wasim Noori, Areen and Azeer Attari, Shahveer Irani and
Mukund Iyer
28th November, 2014

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