session #6

Sensing reconciliation through textiles

by Eliana Sánchez -Aldana

Friday, Aug 18, 2023 at 5:30 pm IST
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Since the peace agreement in 2016, top-down dynamics from governmental and religious institutions have defined the dominant meanings of reconciliation in Colombia. And yet, reconciliation was—and still is in many ways—something new. Located against this backdrop, the project ‘Mending the New’ explores the meanings of reconciliation in material-textile entanglements. In this project, a transdisciplinary group of designers, social researchers and engineers, collaborate with four women textile collectives, who have told the effects of the Colombian war on their lives with textiles, to think about the meanings of reconciliation in textiles and its weaving. To do so, it explores what reconciliation tastes like, sounds like, feels like, and understands its implications for everyday life in order to mend something new. In this talk, Eliana will share some of her reflections from the project and highlight the material implications of textile and its weaving on reconciliation.


Eliana Sánchez -Aldana is a designer, weaver and researcher. She teaches as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design in the Universidad de los Andes, Columbia. Eliana researches and makes textiles, understanding them as material with sounds, textures, tastes, and histories; as particular ways of thinking; and as performances that make-unmake those who make them.