session 5

Decentralizing the Creative Process

by Asim Waqif

on Friday, 08 March 2024
at 5:30 pm IST

at School of Environment & Architecture,
Eksar Road, near C.K.P Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai 400 091.
In the design industry today, the fabrication process has been relegated to a tender contract process, where the workers are expected to follow a set of prescriptive instructions from the artist/designer/architect. Each individual is only concerned with the task given to him/her and is not aware or does not care for the overall project. Often, the contract process incentivises the completion of work using the most economical means, in the least amount of time. It seems that the creative aspects of fabrication have been usurped by the designer, while the worker is expected to only follow instructions. Waqif poses an anti-thesis to this myopia of the contemporary creative industry such that each team-member feels encouraged to take creative decisions and collaborate with others to make something together.


Delhi-based Asim Waqif studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. After initially working as an art-director for film and television he later started making independent video and documentaries before moving into a dedicated art-practice. His recent projects have attempted a crossover between architecture, art and design, with a strong contextual reference to contemporary urban-design and the politics of occupying/intervening/using public spaces. Some of his projects have developed within abandoned and derelict buildings in the city that act like hidden activity-spaces for marginalized people.

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